Residential Services


Our years of experience makes us the best choice for all of your residential work. Our staff is equipped to deal with any problems you might have. You can rely on Procal Electric for an on time, dependable, and excellent service. Our friendly, polite electricians will keep disturbance to a minimum while working on your residence..
The following list is of a few of the services we offer to our residential customers. If you have an electrical requirement not listed below, please contact Procal Electric, as we are confident we can fulfill your requirements.

  • Service upgrades, i.e. 100 or 200 amp
  • Service splitting for separate metered apartment use
  • Removal of fuse panel and installation of circuit breaker panel
  • Removal of old knob and tube wiring and replace with copper wiring
  • Relacement of aluminum wiring with copper
  • Complete rewiring, i.e. existing defective house wiring
  • General residential repairs and installs
  • Hot tub and swimming pool electrical installations, soffit lighting
  • Electrical requirements for additions, renovations, basements, outbuildings
  • Backup generators
  • Security systems
  • Driveway entrance gates and keypads